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Belle Natur

Restyling of the corporate identity and E-Commerce Belle Natur

Belle Natur - A young and dynamic company, born out of the passion for natural cosmetics.

Belle Natur, an online shop specialized in natural cosmetics, trusted us with their web and the restyling of their identity.
Our work wants to reflect and honor the values of the company, taking into account the history of Belle Natur. For this reason, we have maintained the symbol of the company, a slender female silhouette in harmony with nature, streamlined and integrated in a circle, geometric symbol of balance. The colors have been renovated with a delicate palette of greens. Once our proposal was accepted, we developed in parallel the identity together with the website and the presence in the social networks, maintaining the consistency between the delicacy of the brand and the web design, with pure lines that highlight the content.  The photographical content of the slider campaign and the web banners deserves a special mention; images that represent accurately the principles and values of Belle Natur.

Client :  Belle Natur
Project:  Web design, UX / UI, art direction and identity restyling, SEO implementation and content translation
Date :  28/04/2018
SEO implementation and content translation.

Consumer awareness towards the harmful compounds present in many hygiene and cosmetic products nowadays has favored the choice of natural and ecological alternatives. France is one of the European countries of higher index of growth in the sale of natural products and Belle Natur, in line with the European trends and its international projection, is specially focused on the French market. In order to meet its goals, it was paramount to perform a SEO analysis, both in Spanish and French, in order to attain a good organic positioning. We also carried out the translation of the whole online store.