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Dan el Paso

Coordinated Image and e-commerce Dan el Paso

Dan el Paso - The web for your wedding

Dan el Paso is a digital service with the aim of making it easier for couples to plan their wedding. A personalized web that allows them, thanks to a set of tools, to organize the guests and keep them informed about the details of their celebration. The service has been designed with a human-centered approach. The users can easily send all the related information in simple steps to the LoF team so that they can design a custom-made wedding website. The site has been laid out with a straightforward and responsive design, grouping in sections all the information needed to understand without any problem how the service works, providing the user with the necessary tips in order to set up their wedding web easily. Besides, we have added a section with an online shop in order to sell articles related to the ceremony.

Client :  Dan el Paso
Project:  Web design, UX/UI, art direction, coordinated Image and e-commercer.
Date :  28/06/2019