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L’Olio del Cubo

Identity, Packaging and editorial design The Oil of the Cube

L'Olio del Cubo is the name of an olive oil from the Italian region of Apulia.

The project consists of creating a design system in order to articulate the Frantoio Salentino range of oils.
The image consists of a logo that plays with the name of the product: the cube. This name is framed in a geometric context, for which we have chosen a Sans Serif typeface in dialogue with the architectural space.
The logo offers a variety of different colors, depending on the type of olive or the intensity of the oil.
Blue for the “frutatto intenso” oil of the Coratina olive, orange for the “fruttato medio” of the Peranzana olive and yellow for the “denocciolato” oil of the Coratina olive. These Colors represent the landscape of the region: the yellow of the fields, the orange of the olive groves land and the blue of the sky and sea.
The assignment ends with the editorial design of the brochure and the paper bags.

Client :  Frantoio Salentino
Project: Identity, Packaging and editorial design
Date :  10/05/2020