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Promotional video MAP Lineas Aéreas

MAP Linhas Aéreas is a Brazilian company connecting key destinations in the north of the country. Their main commitment is with air transport efficiency and customer service.

In order to advertise the new routes that MAP is offering their clients with destinations such as Manaus Parintins, Itaituba, Santarém, Altamira or Belém –all of them located in the northern part of Brazil–, the airline tasked us with the production of a promotional video for national television broadcasting. In order to adapt the project to the need of the client, we designed all the visual side taking into account the specific types of audience in the country. The result was a fresh, dynamic and concise advertising spot, able to convey the message to the targeted public.

Client :  Map Lineas Aéreas
Project :  Video Publicitario
Date :  10/11/2017