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Identity Restyling and E-commerce Mariet

Mariet – Women and men fashion boutique in Granada.

Mariet is a fashion boutique from Granada that commissioned us the restyling of their corporative identity, the development of their communication elements and the creation of an online shop. Departing from the owl, the symbol of the brand, our idea was to create a striking design, while keeping it simple and neat, allowing it to keep adapting to the changing tendencies, with the prevailing figure of the owl over the light and elegant typography. We decided to develop a graphic palette composed of vibrant colors, with their symbol as the core element of the brand, generating a versatile corporate identity, easy to remember and open to a wide scope of design combinations. For the web shop we have applied the visual guide of the corporate identity, developing an extensive navigation system in order to offer a better access and visual experience, through the use of different menus specially conceived to highlight products, promotions or new fashion sections. We have provided the Home with a modern and flexible look, playing with graphic and typographic elements oriented towards the functionality required by the online store.

Client :  Mariet
Project:  Web design, e-commerce, UX / UI, art direction and identity restyling.
Date :  20/04/2019