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Swan Operations

Identity and Web di Swan Operations

Swan Operations - Swan Operations is a French-Emirati company based in Abu Dhabi with an economic activity focused on the European real estate market.

Swan Operations, a company that works in the real estate market of apartment buildings and hotels, trusted us with the development of their corporate identity and website. Our proposal worked with such identity based on the figure of the diamond, a mineral related to the luxury and strength that represent the values of the company. The superimposed planes and transparencies create a physical space open to Swan’s properties, allowing the brand a multiple interaction of colors. Once the proposal was accepted, we developed the identity parallel to the website, keeping the consistency between the sobriety of the brand and the design of the website.

Client :  Swan Operations
Date :  1/08/2017
Project : Information Architecture, Wireframing, Web Design, UX/UI, Art Direction.