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We are


We Are Passion Not Fashion.

We are an independent design studio based in Granada. We firmly believe in the power of design, paying attention to every detail and taking bold decisions. We are always shifting between two worlds: one analytic and strategic, the other artistic and creative, with a view to imbue the brands with genuine values. We can adapt to the needs of each client, creating experiences which will help the companies build better interactions with their customers.

We want to help you,
we work together with you.

Having a good idea is not enough. A project without visibility does not exist. Generating trust and opportunities through design is our main goal. Despite being Not Quite Human, we understand your needs and are committed with them. We are your creative studio and we will be very pleased to hear from you.

Branding / Graphic Design/ Web Design / Online Marketing / Video / Copywriting

the Visual Mind.

Essence lies beyond aesthetics. In Not Quite Humans, we design prioritizing functionality. We offer creative solutions to every day problems. Our work allows our clients to reach their objectives and us, to pay the bills.

This is How
we see it.

Our goal is to provide the brand with a personally unique voice, able to differentiate it clearly form its competitors. For us, attention to detail is not just a professional requirement, it’s the embodiment of the passion shared by the whole team of Not Quite Humans, which drives us to be in constant (r)evolution.

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